Dog Oil Sponsors Hot Hike for Charity

Rhodes Challenge Walk sponsored by Dog OilDOG OIL in the heat! RHODES CHALLENGE

A couple who have endured this event for several years are again hiking 70 miles in one day in temperatures of up to 40 deg. C. They first did this in 2015 – it took 3 days, in 2016 they did it in two days, so they are going for broke this time and hopefully with achieve it in one day.

These endeavours are in aid of The Steve Prescott Foundation. Steve, a real “man of steel” and a great rugby league player sadly succumbed to a rare form of cancer in 2013.

However his legacy is a great charity which many people are involved in which Masons Products are keen to support via the Dog Oil product – it’s great for helping aches and pains and necessary “lubrication” for extreme sports and physical challenges.

We would like to send Ben Moorhouse and Gaynor Thompson best wishes for success in yet another years’ massive hike.

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Masons Products Runner up in Natural Pharmacy Awards 2014

Dogoil Runner up in Natural Pharmacy Awards 2014

Masons Products exhibited for the first time this year at the Natural Pharmacy Show at the NEC Birmingham in October.

A competition was held by the organizers, visitors were asked to vote for the most interesting, useful or innovative product being exhibited at the show.

Masons Dog Oil attained the “Runner Up” award in the skincare category, which was fabulous for a first time showing. There was a good deal of interest and intrigue about the naming of the product. The long history and original purpose of the invention of the Dog Oil product was explained which fascinated many visitors. “Its long standing reputation as a really useful economical and versatile product was certainly appreciated by the voters”.

New Ownership - April 2013

We are pleased to make this important announcement in reference to the continued supply of Masons Products DOG OIL.

The change of ownership of Masons Products from Mr and Mrs Carmichael to our company is effective from midnight on the 31 March 2013. We have known the Carmichael family for some time and we have manufactured the product for them in the past at times of high demand.

We are very pleased to take on this business and look forward to supplying customers old and new. Our people are also excited about the prospect of expanding the range in of the Mason Products portfolio in due course, so watch this space!

Pole vaulter benefits golfer

Back in 1958, I have suffered with my right knee which I injured in the Pole Vault. I have had so much treatment, all of which has failed. It has worked for me, also my Son plays a lot of golf, he too has had problems with both knee joints; he is using it now and having great results. Last week I went to buy some and a lady overheard me talking to the shop assistant, she interrupted me to enquire about it, and immediately bought a jar for her shoulder. Two of my old pals are using it too now.

I wish I had heard of your product sooner, however better late than never. I shall continue to promote your product to all my friends, all have aches and pains; you should in my opinion let more people know about this brilliant product, especially as it has been around for a long time.

take care now


Jimmy Harrison

The late James Harrison in the centre.
The late James Harrison in the centre.

We are sad to report the death of Jimmy Harrison at the age of 89. Jim drove for us for many years delivering Dog Oil to our many customers at their shops and warehouses around the country, making lots of friends among the staff he met there. He always had a handful of Uncle Joe's mintballs to hand out and some cheery banter to exchange with even the most recalcitrant warehouseman.

Jim was a great outdoor enthusiast, making long distance walks and wild camping trips well into his eighties - always with a jar of Dog Oil for his feet and featuring in our advertising. He was a good and wise companion and is very much missed.

Stuart Carmichael.

Comic Song Competition 2012

Once again the comic song contest proved to be a very entertaining afternoon. There were lots of new faces along with some of the regulars turning up. One quote was "I would not miss it for the world". People are beginning to understand the benefits of turning up early. There were 10 Participants and 15 entries.

The majority of songs again were self-penned. subjects ranging from Facebook and E Mail to black widow spiders. Due to the change of seating  arrangements there were more people able to be seated all afternoon and enjoy the contest.

The winner this year was Andy Hill with "Wearing High Heels" - Andy had the audience in fits of laughter all the way through the song. The second prize went to a very worthy competitor - Den Miller with " Do Not Delete" - A very cleverly written song , beautifully performed.

Andy and Den both write their own songs and have made CDs.

Rick and Kath hosted the day along with their friends Phil and Mike. There were some very talented musicians taking part in both the contest and the music session which followed it( which lasted until 6pm) .  It is always a great way to meet other likeminded people and share an afternoon of music. Thanks to all who took part.  We missed having our sponsors, Stuart and Jackie Carmichael of Mason's  Dog Oil with us and all the people attending send their best wishes to Stuart for a speedy recovery. Phil and Penny did a great job of the judging. Bean and the Hill Inn staff made everyone very welcome and created a wonderful ambience for the event. Thanks to everyone and all the best - Kath Wiggins.

World CycloCross Championship Update

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick update to let you know how the World Cyclcross Championships went.

I rode as hard as I could, but was a little disappointed to finish 35th. The course was incredibly tough work - we basically rode on sand for 40 minutes. In the first lap I was sitting in the top 30, but as the sand got harder to ride through, the fatigue set in and my legs were dead by the end.

It was an incredible experience - we had 50,000 people watching us and at times I started feeling like a celebrity with complete strangers asking me for fan cards and my autograph! I think it has something to do with being a Kiwi in unfamiliar territory.

Thanks again to all of you for your assistance with this race, especially to DMT for your support with the my fabulous new DMT racing shoes. I am almost certain they are the reason I got off the start line so well!

From here I can have a little bit of downtime, before flying out to France in 2 weeks time for my road team presentation and then it's straight on to the road racing come March.

We continue to support Gen and wish her well in the forthcoming road racing season.

Gen to ride for NZ in World Cyclocross Championships

It has been to date my most successful racing year ever and this was all helped massively by contributions in so many shapes and forms with sponsorship.

I made history to be New Zealand’s first ever female competitor at the World Cyclocross Championships, I gained a top 25 finish in UCI 1.1 event and was shortlisted for the New Zealand team for the World Road Championships – the only major disappointment was not making the team, but hardly anyone did, with only one female rider selected.

The great news behind all of this as that I’ve been selected to represent New Zealand at the World Cyclocross Championships in 1.5 weeks time in Belgium and I’ve signed a contract with a UCI French road team ASPTT DIJON for 2012. This is definitely the biggest opportunity to fall in my lap in a long time and it gives me the chance to race the road world cups and a lot of top level UCI tours that you can’t access unless you’re part of a UCI team.

Ingleton Folk Festival 2011 - Comic Song Competition

We were happy to take part in the judging and sponsoring of this competition which encourages singer/songwriters to produce new songs to make us laugh. The winner this year was Andy Hill, The Bard of Earby, and his rendition of "Slap and Tickle" can be seen on YouTube at

Gen Whitson cycling update

Hi everyone,

Just another quick racing update for my 2011 road season.

Well this year has been a total stormer. I've been racing in Holland, Belgium and the USA. The Europe racing has been really tough, with fields of up to 180 women and just finishing many of these races seems to be accomplishment. I finally managed my goal of a top 50 finish in a UCI European race 1.5 weeks ago in the Dwars Door De Westhoek classic, placing 47th. Typical Belgium racing conditions of wind, rain and more wind...

In the States I managed a couple of top 15/25 finishes at National calendar events,  but the highlight of the season was getting in a breakaway with the World Road Champion Georgia Bronzini and 7 other riders in Stage 5 of the Nature Valley Tour - it didn't last, but it was very exciting for a while!

Thanks again for all the assistance I recieved from all of you with sponsorship/support that helps  me go faster on the bike. Things are definitely heading in the right direction.

Hope to catch up with some of you in the UK in the next month or so, before I embark on the cyclocross season.


PS. If I make Road World Championships in Denmark in September, I'll keep you posted.

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