Dog Oil Sponsors Hot Hike for Charity

May 2017

Rhodes Challenge Walk sponsored by Dog OilDOG OIL in the heat! RHODES CHALLENGE

A couple who have endured this event for several years are again hiking 70 miles in one day in temperatures of up to 40 deg. C. They first did this in 2015 – it took 3 days, in 2016 they did it in two days, so they are going for broke this time and hopefully with achieve it in one day.

These endeavours are in aid of The Steve Prescott Foundation. Steve, a real “man of steel” and a great rugby league player sadly succumbed to a rare form of cancer in 2013.

However his legacy is a great charity which many people are involved in which Masons Products are keen to support via the Dog Oil product – it’s great for helping aches and pains and necessary “lubrication” for extreme sports and physical challenges.

We would like to send Ben Moorhouse and Gaynor Thompson best wishes for success in yet another years’ massive hike.

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