Pole vaulter benefits golfer

December 2012

Back in 1958, I have suffered with my right knee which I injured in the Pole Vault. I have had so much treatment, all of which has failed. It has worked for me, also my Son plays a lot of golf, he too has had problems with both knee joints; he is using it now and having great results. Last week I went to buy some and a lady overheard me talking to the shop assistant, she interrupted me to enquire about it, and immediately bought a jar for her shoulder. Two of my old pals are using it too now.

I wish I had heard of your product sooner, however better late than never. I shall continue to promote your product to all my friends, all have aches and pains; you should in my opinion let more people know about this brilliant product, especially as it has been around for a long time.

take care now


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