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Millie the rescued greyhound

As Dog Oil was originally for massaging greyhounds before and after a race, just like any human athlete, we have a particular interest in seeing that they find a good home when their racing days are over. John Paterson finds Dog Oil is good for keeping his rescue dogs in good shape like Millie, photographed here enjoying one of her twice daily romps at Hollingworth Lake Country Park.

Millie the rescued greyhound
Millie the rescued greyhound

Ruth Chare

We are currently sponsoring recently retired 2002 & 2004 World Tae Kwon Do Champion, Ruth Chare, who says this about Dog Oil: “Tae Kwon Do is a martial art that is renowned for its spectacular kicks and I tend to use Dog Oil mainly on my legs, especially my hamstrings, the site of old injuries.” In 2005 Ruth became World Champion in the Executive Division, that is for over-35’s!

Jim Harrison and Dr. Nick Levi

Long distance walkers, Jim Harrison and Dr. Nick Levi, always took Dog Oil on their backpacking expeditions. Jim, who celebrated his 71st birthday walking the 200 mile, 13 day, coast to coast walk across Scotland in 1994, was grateful for regular massage on his twisted ankle sustained four days from the finish.

Please see the News page where we report the sad death of Jimmy Harrison.


Not only people but also animals have benefitted from massage with Dog Oil. Sean, better known in the ring as Innisfree, was about to be withdrawn from the North West Show Jumping Championships, but owner/rider Janet Boydon persisted with the massage of a lump which had defied other treatment on Sean’s leg. Three days later Innisfree won the Championship.


Physiotherapists who use Dog Oil in their practices say that the blend of oils is just the right viscosity for massage – being neither too ‘slippery’ nor drying out too quickly. Most physios, especially those with large practices, buy Dog Oil direct from us in 2 litre tubs, which are more convenient to use and more economical.

Cartoon - Every picture tells a story
Cartoon - Every picture tells a story

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