Find the testimonials and recommendations of happy Mason's Dog Oil users.

Its effectiveness has been passed on from generation to generation since 1920. 

"I think Mason's Dog Oil is a very good product, I use it for massage with hot stones as it has a slightly tacky feel to it so does not slip like some other oils."

Lilian / Masseuse / Cheshire

"Dog Oil is very good. It is particularly beneficial when used in cold/windy conditions as it forms a protective barrier over the skin."

Kevin Lilley / Multiple Gold Medal Winner in long distance running / World Fire-fighters' Games

Stones Massage
Man running with bridge in background

"I was told about this oil and I have to say I was skeptical, but after buying it and trying it I was pleasantly surprised, I use it on my hip and it's great, can totally recommend!!!"

Holland and Barrett Customer / East Yorkshire

"Five weeks of work with knee pain and waking up each night from the pain. The first night after using Dog Oil I didn't wake up with knee pain, and within a few days it was gone. I have used it since on different pains and it is not long before they diminished either."

Rob / Teacher / Birmingham

"I bought this a fortnight ago as I suffer with stiff shoulders and neck pain. It has no smell and is easy to apply as it doesn't leave any sticky residue or stain on clothing."

Holland & Barrett customer / West Midlands


"Brilliant product. My dad used this since 1940's and I've used it since the 80's"

Holland & Barrett customer / Manchester