A miracle in a yellow tub

An elderly lady suggested i use dog oil after I had an operation for carpel tunnel. She told me to rub onto my scarring. I hadnt heard of it but went along to my local health shop and bought a tub and started using straight away and the results were amazing. Have used again after foot  surgery and my doctor could not believe my scarring was only 6 weeks old he said it looks more like 3 months post op.

Cracked Heels

I use it on hard cracked skin on heels. Very good. Softens them up a treat.

I use it as part of my foot care.


A real smoothie


What can I say? A great big thank you to dog oil! That's what!

I have tried everything on my dog's skin and nothing worked.

It has only been 4 days and she has stopped scratching and

her scalp is as clear and smooth as the day she was born.

I can't thank you enough! I will recommend this product to all my other pet owners. I can honestly say that dog oil saved the day! You can put this comment on your web-site with great confidence.

Thank you so much again!

Best wishes and kind regards!


Ps my little dog Heidi thanks you also x


I  suffer from gout in my toes and knees and was told about this dog oil.  Has certainly helped with stiff joints and pain. Shall continue with it. Very good. Highly recommended.


I would just like to say...

I would just like to say how pleased I am with this product. We were on holiday in Torquay with a coach company. The driver was telling us all about Dog Oil and how good it was since he had fallen and damaged his knee (apparently a passenger on the coach had recommended it to him the year before).

Nobody on the coach had heard of Dog Oil but the next day several people had been to the Health Shop and bought some! Shortly after our holiday I had been picking up and carrying heavy boxes and developed pain in my arm. After 3 months, the pain was no better and I happened to see some Dog Oil on our local market and bought one. After only using this for one week my arm is almost better. My daughter who was in a car accident over 5 years ago, still suffers with pain in her shoulder - I am going to get some for her and hope it works! Trisha

Recommendation from Alberta

I went into Holland and Barrett to buy something for a sore back and the assistant suggested Dog Oil. I was not at all sure, but I did buy and the results are fantastic! Recently, I had a very painful tummy (a pulled muscle or something) and being sure that it was not an internal problem I rubbed some dog oil on the area and the results are unbelievable. I was still sceptical you see, but after four days the pain is almost gone. There was an improvement after one day. I now use it on my shoulder as well - I garden a lot - the product is simply magical. I have recomended when possible. Best wishes Alberta B.

Mr. Fairhurst

would recommend dog oil to anyone with lower back pain,had a bad do last week used it for three days pain nearly gone

..it's a miracle..

I have been suffering a long time with rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints.  A friend of my father's recommended it and after just one use,  approximately one hour after application noticed how much it soothed my pain in my joints - its a miracle.  Forget pills and tablets from your GP use this, I'm so impressed going back to Holland and Barret  at the weekend to get more stock before too many people cotton on to it!!!


Super impressed..

I came across Dog Oil about 5 years ago in my local chemist.  I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and related problems and from the first time I used the oil I was so pleased at the ease of spreading it, no need to rub hard and could cover a large area in minutes.  I can massage gently and it doesn't smell at all or stain clothing.  It also improved the skin condition.  Then one day I rubbed my hands over my hair and it helped smooth it down without being greasy and I was super impressed. Thanks!


It's Magic!

Hi, I have been suffering with low back ache for a long time; sometimes in the morning I can hardly straighten myself. My daughter-in-law gave me a tub of Dogoil which had been recommended by her workfriends.

Well all I can say is  it's magic - I am so much better, it's wonderful to be pain free. I shall be telling my friends to be sure to try it. Thank you.

May F.

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