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Our policy is to keep our costs low and pass on savings to the customer so we do not advertise heavily, relying instead on personal recommendation. We always support the retailer with any local advertising features, free point-of-sale leaflets, display cards and window stickers. Our Retailer Info Pack contains a window sticker, retailer information leaflet and 50 p.o.s. leaflets and the Leaflet Refill Pack just the 50 p.o.s. leaflets. Both are available free from most wholesalers or direct from us. If you are planning an extensive display, which has boosted sales 12-fold, please get in touch to let us help you. We welcome comments from all our customers.

Selling Points

General Information

Bar Codes1 x 100g jar of Dog Oil50 24259 00112 5
 outer of 72 x 100g jars of Dog Oil50 24259 72112 2
 1 x Retailer Info Pack50 24259 00001 2
 1 x Leaflet Refill Pack50 24259 00002 9
 50 x Retailer Info Packs50 24259 50001 7
 50 x Leaflet Refill Packs50 24259 50002 4
PIP Code:056-0425 

Shelf life is a nominal 12 months, though as Dog Oil lasts over 30 months no sell-by date is required. The batch number indicates 24 months since date of manufacture.

Packaging is kept to the minimum necessary to ensure safe delivery. Dog Oil is supplied in easy-to-open PE jars in trays of 6 and outers of 72.

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