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Mason's Dog Oil is for people to use wherever massage is beneficial. Until recently it has been made by the same family since 1920, starting with "Owd Bob" of Dukinfield, whose original recipe book has been handed down through generations. Testament to Dog Oil's earlier fame in the North of England is the "Dog Fat Song", which can still be heard sung in Folk clubs.

Dog Oil Testimonials

I went into Holland and Barrett to buy something for a sore back and the assistant suggested Dog Oil. I was not at all sure, but I did buy and the results are fantastic! Recently, I had a very painful tummy (a pulled muscle or something) and being sure that it was not an internal problem I rubbed some dog oil on the area and the results are unbelievable. I was still sceptical you see, but after four days the pain is almost gone. There was an improvement after one day. I now use it on my shoulder as well - I garden a lot - the product is simply magical. I have recomended when possible. Best wishes Alberta B.

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