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pain free

100 years and counting

At Mason's we source the finest ingredients and carefully blend them to create Dog Oil. The wonderful massaging balm that has been helping sooth aching joints and muscles since 1920.

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Our Story

The best massage balm for joints and muscles

Mason's Dog oil has been soothing joints and muscles for over a hundred years. But, how was the name born?

Our special formulation is a blend of natural ingredients originally created to massage racing dogs before and after a race. Soon, the dog trainers realized their own joint and muscle aches eased after applying the massaging balm to the dogs. They started recommending it to friends and family as "the dog oil".

Since then, word on mouth has been the way Mason's Dog oil has been pass down from generations.

From sports massage to arthritis pain, Mason's Dog oil is the best massaging medium.

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“Find out what our customers think about us. We have been around for over a 100 years, we must be doing something right”

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What our customers think


I find it useful for general aches and pains experienced after a particularly hard training session.



I can't recall who put me onto it but I've used it for years. 

I don't know how many tubs I've given away to family & friends over those Year. Would definitely recommend.

Joint Pain Treatment


I think Mason's Dog Oil is a very good product, I use it for massage with hot stones as it has a slightly tacky feel to it, so does not slip 


Wow just wow . I got told off my father about this he got told off a old farmer. I  bought some as I suffer with knots in my back and knee, soon as I use this it goes within the hour it’s amazing. I love spreading the word about dog oil. And a big thanks to the old farmer who told us

Happy Painter


After being in pain for months with a frozen shoulder I was given a jar of dog oil. Within 2 days I was pain free, after 1 week I was able to lift my arm straight out. Then after 2 weeks I was able to lift my arm above my head. I have been recommending this product to anyone who will listen

Your wellbeing is Key

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