• A massaging balm for your joints and muscles

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"I  suffer from gout in my toes and knees and was told about this dog oil.  Has certainly helped with stiff joints and pain. Shall continue with it. Very good. Highly recommended."

-Chessie, June 2018 -


"I use it on hard cracked skin on heels.  Very good. Softens them up a treat. I use it as part of my foot care. Thanks."

-Pat, April 2019 -


I tored a muscle and applied a well-known over the counter medication. It was no help. After 5 days of using Dog Oil the pain was gone. Where are all others failed Dog Oil was the one that alleviated the muscular pain I'd been experiencing for so long.  Forget overpriced over the counter medications get a little jar of Dog Oil – you got nothing to lose.

-Trevor, March 2019 -