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Mason's Dog oil for massaging is sold widely across the UK and Ireland. It can be found in chemists, food stores and small retailers.

It is also sold in larger quantities in our Wholesale partners. Contact them if you would like to become a stockists or contact us directly via contact form if you would like to become a wholesaler. We will be happy to assist you.


Mason's Dog Oil 1920 -2020  100 Years helping you soothe joint and muscles aches.

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Be one of our partners

If you would like to stock Mason's Dog oil massage oil in any of its formats, please send us an email by clicking on the link below

UK Retailers

  • Holland and Barrett (all branches and online)

  • Cohens Chemists (some branches)

  • W. Boyes & Co. Ltd. (all branches)

  • Cameolord Pharmacy (Manchester City Center)

  • Real food

  • Home Essentials

  • Shipley Health Store

  • Healthy Choice Stores

Online Retailers

Wholesale distribution UK

  • Rayburn Trading Co. Ltd. (0870 162 7777)

  • B&J Supplies (0161 832 6013)

  • The Health Store (0115 976 7200)

  • Tree of Life (0178 256 7100)

  • Hampden Supply Co. (0208 659 6800)

  • Greenheys Ltd. (0845 241 2705)

  • S.O.S (0133 289 0022)

Become a stockist

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