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1920 - 2020

Mason’s Dog Oil has been manufactured in England to the same original formulation for more than a hundred years. 100% Natural ingredients, just the finest blend of mineral and vegetable oils.

The Mason’s family and in turn the Carmichael family had been making Mason's Dog Oil® in England since at least the 1920’s. The product's benefits have been passed down from generation to generation for many years.   In January of 2019 by Wise Pharmacies Ltd.

The earliest reference found of Mason's Dog Oil® dates back to the 1890’s in a book by Ambrose Pierce published in the United States of America.

In England, the unique recipe was found in “Owd Bob’s” recipe book of pet remedies. Bob was a pet shop owner from Dukinfield, Cheshire, and is believed that he would prepare this special massage balm formula to sooth the tired muscles of racing greyhounds after a race.

For many years it was used only on the hounds, until the people that applied the product to the racing dogs started finding it also to be beneficial to treat their own muscle aches and pains. They started using it regularly and recommending it to others as “ the Dog Oil”. That is how the unusual name was born and became the brand that people know and recognize today.

Mason's Dog oil's yellow jar is also recognizable and associated to the benefits of the product. This year we want to make sure everyone who suffers from aching muscles knows about the benefits of this old and proven formula.


Let Mason's Dog Oil be your muscles best friend!.

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